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Interior Solutions

Preparation of integral interior solutions- includes a proposal forcomplete furnitureof homeorapart of it, using both goodsoffered by the Seller, and others that the Sellershalldeliver at the personal request of the Buyer. Different styles and modern trends offurniture and individuality of the respective homeand its residentsare observed. The price shall benegotiated in this instance.


Feng Shui consultations:

Consultation price on the spot - 270 levs*.

Room plan consultation- 180 levs*.

Compatibilityconsultation (Chinese horoscope) 60 levs*/for twopersons.

        *VATis not included in the prices.


* Inspectationand analysis of the room (place is in the first case, planis in the second case)

* Recommendations foroptimal placement and arrangement ofthefurniture, favourable colours, materials, shapes, accessories;

* Tips forgeneral harmonization of livingspaceor working room;

* Recommendations whenusingcertain symbols ofprotection or activation of private lifeand financial prosperity;

* Personalconsultations:

  - Compatibility according to the Chinese horoscope;

  - Personal analysis -achartof thefavourable directions, elements, colours, fabrics,suitable amulets and crystals;


Delivery, loading and unloading,installation

Additional serviceswhich arenot included in the selling price of goods,as follows:

"DELIVERY" - includes the supply of products to the outside /entrance/ door of the building,where the object ofthe BUYERis locatedortheplace specified by the BUYER. The BUYER shall provide access to the place of delivery and installation atdate and timeagreed.

Prices are as they are writtenin the current "Price list oftransport of goods purchased from TONY’S DÉCOR" (Appendix 1).

 "LOADING AND UNLOADING" - the service is provided under arrangement.The service can be provided if there is a possibility andpresence of neededstaff by TONY`S DECOR. Prices are as they are writtenin the current "Price list ofloading and unloading" (Appendix 2).

Ifit is impossible for TONY`S DECOR to meetthedeliveryservice/about which itshallinform the BUYER/, the lattershall arrangethis at his/herexpense.

"INSTALLATION" - covers onlytheproducts whichare not assembled in productionconditionsand require assembly atthe home and/or buildingofthe BUYER. The priceoffurniture installation is 10% of the valueof the good purchased, unless otherwise agreed. TONY`S DECOREOODis responsible for the installation, but not for the arrangement of the products. The additional costs are described inthethe protocol of delivery and acceptancefor supplyand installation (Appendix 3).


Price list oftransport of goods,purchased from TONYS DÉCOR

(Appendix 1)

1/ Vetren  ______________________________20 levs


2/ Sarafovo  ____________________________30 levs


3/ Pomorie _____________________________50 levs


4/ Ravda, Sunny Beach, Nessebar, Sozopol  ____60 levs


5/ Primorsko,Sv.Vlas  _____________________80 levs


6/ Lozenets ____________________________100 Levs




* All prices are in Bulgarian levs, VAT included.

* Individual negotiations are appliedfor destinations not listed in the price list.

* The prices refer to goods ofvolumeup to 6m3.

* The price should be further specified concerning goods over 6m3.


Price list ofloading and unloading of goods, purchased from TONY`S DÉCOR

(Appendix 2)

* Delivery tothe entrance of the object -nocharge.

* Deliverytothe first floor - 30 levs

* Delivery tothe second floor - 40 levs

* Deliveryto the third and top floor - 50 levs



(Appendix 3)

1/ Installation of furniture-10% ofvalue of the good purchased

2/ Installation of internal and external door                                            - 50 levs

3/ Disassemblyofinternal and external door                                            - 20 levs

4/ Installation of portal entrance door or interior doubledoor                 - 80 levs

5/ Fitting ofchandelier                                                                            - 20 levs

6/ Installation of chandelier                                                                    - 50 levs


* All prices are in Bulgarian levs, VAT included.

* Company does not perform disassembly of metal frames,fitted to thepanelwall.

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