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Terms of Delivery


Deliveries only in Bulgaria


The ordered products are delivered throughout the country at the expense of the buyer, via the courier company Econt or Speedy.

Delivery is made to: 

  • Adress given by you on the territory of the country 
  • Courier office. You can order a delivery to the nearest Econt office and take the shipment in a convenient time for you

Method of payment: 

  • Cash on delivery (cash payment to the courier upon the delivery 



Tony's Decor LTD.

  1. Seller of the goods from this site is "Tony's Decor" Ltd. 202056590, and the buyer is any person who has declared interest in their purchase and undertakes this.
  2. The shop assistant sells to the client the goods they have ordered and the buyer pays the price by bank transfer, cash or other way agreed by the parties. The item remains owned by the seller until the full price is paid.
  3. The buyer declares the goods through the site and additional information can be obtained by requesting in the "Contacts" section. The term of possible delivery of the goods is according to the color legend specified in the "Catalogs" section.
  4. The seller informs the client if the delivery period has to be extended. If this is due to objective reasons, both sides agree on another delivery time. If the buyer does not want another delivery date, the seller shall refund the sum paid in advance.
  5. The seller informs the buyer that the requested item is already available and can be obtained.The payment of the full price and the release of the goods shall take place within one month of the notification. At the request of the buyer and the opportunity available to the seller, storage of the goods continues as the buyer pays 0.5% of the value of the goods daily, unless otherwise agreed.
  6. Upon delivery of the goods shall be established acceptance - delivery report.In case there are obvious defects in the goods, they are reflected in it, and the buyer may want to be removed or receive a discount from the price, adequate to the deficiency.If the deficiencies are significant, the buyer may withdraw the request. If the defects were known to the buyer at the conclusion of the contract or upon receipt of the goods and he did not object, the seller is not responsible for them.
  7. In case the goods have defects that could not objectively have been established upon their receiving, the buyer shall notify the seller of them within three calendar days following the drafting of the acceptance - delivery report. In this case, the buyer has the rights under the previous point, and the possible return of the goods is in original packaging and after a preliminary agreement with the seller. The non-objection within three days means that the type and quality of the goods correspond to those agreed upon.
  8. The seller is not responsible if the product does not match the property,for the purpose it is purchased, as well as if there are difficulties or it is impossible to bring it into the property, passing it through the technological openings of the building (doors, windows etc).
  9. The seller is not responsible for any damages caused to the goods by third parties / carriers, couriers and others. The seller advises the buyer to make sure that the transport company that transports goods on his / her account has the necessary insurance or to do so for his / her own good.
  10. All sketches, drawings, pictures, illustrations, specifications, etc., whether or not they are part of a contract or presentation, are provided to the buyer in order to be accurate and fully informed, but the seller does not guarantee their full compliance with the goods.
  11. The seller reserves the right to change the current prices without notice and the actual prices are published on te website.

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